When a *Fatty* decided to run the Marathon.


Shooting for Beirut Marathon Ad

Hey All,

Bucket Lists.

We all have ones. Some are  realistic, others are way too far fetched. But you know where their charm resides? It is when they actually Happen…

Two years ago, I started the habit of writing down things that I wanted to happen in my life. I sat with a friend in one of the tech-y cafes of Hamra Street and wrote my short/long term bucket list. Of the things I mentioned in my first list: “I want run the 10 Km Women Race”. Realistic goal I must say for a fit 25 years old kind of woman. Too bad this was not my case.

Two months later, I came across an ad for Beirut Marathon Association, claiming to encourage all people to run, through a program called Beirut #542 (5 Coaches – 42 Km).

I felt like this was my only chance. A hopeful fatty running one full marathon (After all, how hard could it be?).

Practice started, and lucky I was to be part of a group led by of a one-of-a-kind coach. The previous excitement for a 42.195Km (yes 195 m because they count just as much as the 42 Km!) turned into complete agony.

From the very first kilometer, I knew that this journey is nothing close to being easy. Yet as I was completing my first run (17 minutes after all other members of my team), my coach looked at me and told me: “I want to run the Marathon with you. You are teaching us perseverance”.mat

I knew that I am going to do it, I didn’t want to be of the type who gives up and I made this a point to prove to myself.

And I did it 🙂 We did it actually: My Coach and I.

42.195 Km in 7 hours. Last runner to arrive. Yet I DID IT.


42.195 km worth of hundreds of hours of training, sweating, crying, laughing, support, cheer-leading and discipline, all summed up in exactly a fraction of a second when passing the Finish Line.

Running the Marathon wasn’t only a line that I ticked off my little bucket-list book.

Running exposed me to a side I have neglected in my life. The part where you actually shut out from all what’s around and focus solely on yourself. The part where you can actually hear yourself talking while running. Where motivation or self destruction are equally possible during a run depending on your surroundings. Where separating your mind from whatever you were struggling with during the day is a must in order to complete a run.

Running made me more disciplined in thoughts first. And though I am still not the ideal runner, I feel that I have it now in my Blood.

So, to all Marathon Runners, especially the ones running as part of Beirut 542 Program (Season 3) in the Beirut International Marathon… See you at the Finish Line!

“Let your legs do the running, your mind do the pacing and your heart do the Pushing”!

If I managed to do it, then you definitely can!

Keep Running!

A fellow Marathoner 🙂





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