Hey Again,

It took me 15 days to find out the topic I wanted to share with you. I thought that blogging would be easier… Surprise, surprise… It’s Not!

The reason why it took me so long was because of all the hesitation I got while searching for an interesting topic.  I realized that before sharing insights and tips, I wanted to connect with the readers, to introduce them to the person behind the blog… The Blogger “Wannabe” with all the events that led her to start writing.

So here it goes… one of the stories that contributed to the start of this blog…

[…] On my 26th Birthday, last year, I decided to entitle a full year of my life to Overcoming Fears (or getting courage to doing new things).

1- Fear of Letting Go (Oh, and it’s hard): I left the scout group I dedicated 7 full years of leadership to.

2- Fear of Heights: Paragliding over Jounieh.

3- Fear of Airplanes/Travel: Switzerland being the first country to visit.

4- Fear of Dogs: Happened in Dubai for the very first time. (Thanks Ashta!)

5- Fish! (Still not eating anything but Sushi – Oh and I am addicted now!).

6- Fear of swimming (after my drowning incident).

What I noticed after overcoming those fears, is that I actually love Challenges. They drive me forward. They push me overcome them.

I also discovered that I overcame each fear with a friend or more. My friends were my support system and  helped me (whether directly or not) reach my goals more consistently. They were the compass that brought me back every time I got lost. They were also there for me when I celebrated each new milestone of this journey (Naaa, I don’t like to celebrate much :P)

Wishing you fears… yes! Fears burning in your soul… and wishing you Courage and determination to overcome them!

After all,”Overcoming what frightens you the most strengthens you the most.”


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