20 things I learned in 2016…


I have to admit that 2016 was one hell of year for me. From joy to heartbreak, discoveries and disappointments, this year got me into quite a good number of experiences/lessons.

As I am soon to close this chapter of my journey, here are couple of things that 2016 has taught me…

  1. Sharing brings a different flavor to things: From food, books, late night talks, road trips, crazy adventures and even silence… Life is more meaningful when shared.
  2. If you really want something, make effort for it: Whether your favorite childhood gifts that you insist on keeping, or human relationships. Just like plants, to keep them alive, you have to keep watering and pruning them. And even this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll survive.
  3. Nothing in the world beats the love of thy parents: Past beyond childhood and teenage fights, there is no love like theirs. They are here for you… Through thick and thin, literally.
  4. Lipsticks are good accessories: Wear them often.
  5. Fears cripple you, and Truth sets you free:  This comes with a price at certain times, yet letting go of your fears and speaking up truthfully is always relieving. Never be afraid to be honest and true to yourself and others. It saves your soul.
  6. Expectations lead to disappointment: The less expectations, the less boundaries and the more authenticity in treatment. Give people the freedom with you, and you will be surprised how things end up miraculously.
  7. Traveling is food for one’s soul: Discovering new cities, speaking different languages and learning about cultures gives your heart a spark… a passion. So keep on picking destinations, booking flights and venturing the world.
  8. Mandala books are a great stress relief! Buy “Voyages Extraordinaires” color book and thank me later! (And as a result, I’ll have to thank my Boss for that).
  9. Compromise is not always a bad thing: This is a good lesson about setting priorities straight. Not everything/everyone is worth a fight. Choose your battles wisely and know when it is wiser to compromise.
  10. Oh, and stop comparing! No one is equal to you, and no one will ever be, so stop all the drama and focus on your our own journey.
  11. Try new things. Everyday. With every opportunity. With all your might.
  12. Tattoos are the body’s little jewels. Pick what represents you and wear it with pride. Preserve the memory of precious times.
  13. Communication is Key: Not everyone perceives things the way you do. To have things the way you want, you need to express more – for others to be able to understand.
  14. Everyone is good in something. I bet you are great in something. Don’t let anyone make you feel not good enough. Never. And always remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.
  15. Simple things matter a lot (If not the most): Do not underestimate the power of a smile, a gentle text, a morning coffee cheer or flowers. Little things make a great difference to people’s life.
  16. Appreciate the voice that criticizes: This might sound odd, yet keep these people close. Whether friends, teammates or family, they’re the ones with “balls”- blunt enough. They’ll push you to reflect more and sometimes -believe it or not- they are the people to care the most.
  17. Learn your way to enjoy your own company. It is okay to be alone sometimes. Discovering oneself is as challenging as knowing the world outside.
  18. Do what sets your soul on fire and makes you happy! Not everyone’s going to like it, yet after all life’s too short to care about others opinion that much!
  19. Practice what your preach: or don’t preach it at all. Hypocrisy is everywhere around us. It takes courage to act what you actually say.
  20. And last, embrace life and feel the magic! 🙂

Wishing you a great end of year, and a more joyful, serene start for 2017.

May the lessons you learnt this year brighten up the unknown path of the year to come…

Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “20 things I learned in 2016…

  1. Well this is a great text to begin your day with!
    I felt concerned by the points 2, 6 and 16. But the tattoo thing… No! And the lipstick…
    Thank you for sharing this 😀 awaiting the next blog 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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