4 Interesting Apps to have on your Mobile Phone

So, it’s been a long while since I wrote a post. However, this one marks the post’s anniversary.

For today, I am going to discuss 4 Applications that I use daily. I got introduced to them by chance yet found them extremely useful and worth sharing. The beauty of this new technology (Applications in Smartphones) is that they are with you wherever you go. You have no excuse for not using them and they are accessible at any point of day, in any location and benefit from what they provide.

Let’s have a look on what I am currently using frequently!


#1-   Zomato

It surprises me every single time when I hear people who still don’t have this application on their phones. Such a great application for everyone! Whether you’re going on a date, hanging out with friends or just want to try something new, this application is the one for you. From the top trending restaurants in town to hidden gems in the country, it has it all. Not only places, this app allows you to rate your experience or to read other people’s reviews to know what to expect, check the menu and the price list. Very helpful and beneficial for food lovers in town.

I use it almost daily and highly recommend it.


#2-   Quick World Facts

It all started with the French Elections (2017), when things were heating up between the now President Emmanuel Macron and his main Opponent Marine Le Pen. At the same time, the American Media was focused on the accusations of Russia’s interference in the American’s elections in favor of the current president Donald Trump.

The topics got me interested and I felt the need to stay connected to know updates (especially that News sites are inaccessible in my workplace). I checked the Google Store and found out this app: Quick World Facts.

Not like any other news application, what’s cool about it is that it has it all. By All, I mean that it allows you to select many information sources (as many as you want), from BBC to CNN to Forbes etc… It also allows you to select your areas of interest, so that you receive information tailored to them. You can select Science, Comics or Video Pod-cast, etc… You name it, you get it.

Very Cool app for people constantly wired to news.


#3- Duolingo

 This one is my favorite for the moment. This application allows you to learn a new language one step at a time. All you need is commitment, and you’re off to add a new language to your lexicon. You’d pick a language of preference as well as your mother tongue and start the learning process.

I’ve used it before and gave up too soon. I thought that I was not progressing the way I want to. But the key to such an app is perseverance. If you allocate enough time to it daily (as little as 5 minutes), you can find yourself more familiar day after day with the language.

Highly recommended and super easy to use besides the fact that it enriches you on the personal/professional level.


#4- AudioBooks.com

This application is amazing!

If you are a long road trips lover, or you have long distances of commute every day, this app is definitely for you. Many books are offered for free. The beauty of this app is that it allows you to read books – just through listening to them. It is convenient for bookworms with a twist: the ones who value reading yet don’t allocate or have time for it. Very beneficial, develop you auditory sense and imagination as well as allows you to stay up to date with new publications and books.

Recommended if you don’t mind switching from Reading a Book to Hearing it, and if you’d want to invest in your wasted time on the road.


Those were my favorite ones, any recommendations from your side?